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Fantastic hair man, never change.

But you missed a points that James makes. And unfortunately he is right in a few. Other then his tone of course - he is a brat.

“Celebrating diversity” by now has become “drawing division lines”. We do not assimilate the new that is brought by immigrants into the common culture. We create separate cultures and subcultures, that only divide us further. Notice I didn’t said our culture, since I am an immigrant myself. I would love to contribute what I think good is in Russian culture, but if America doesn’t want it, I will not live in my subculture — I will share the ethics of the country I live. Just as, if I live in Paris I would try to enjoy their way of living and not being loud on the bus. Why else would I go somewhere? It’s funny, that I just had this conversation with my girlfriend, who is an immigrant from Haiti btw and we talked how our family tries to find common tone and a whole country doesn’t.

Also, I can see the difference between immigration and missionaries, missionaries do not leave their country to find a better place to live, they taking extended business trip to export the culture. And I don’t think in 20th and 21st centuries they expect the government and other people to automatically acknowledge and follow their way of life. They try to give a gift. Unwelcome for some — me, may be helpful for others.