And have you ever undertaken a humanities course in your life?
Martin Rezny

I think you have problem understanding what I am saying. Where did I said that
Given your confidence in the ease with which the universe can be understood, I’d also like to know your opinion of the chaos theory. Or what are dark energy and dark matter. Or how to reconcile quantum mechanics and general relativity.

Yes I do ignore your subjective reality. Why shouldn’t I? Ethics has nothing to do with subjective reality of YOU. I apply it to everybody and observe it applied or not applied by everybody, it is measurable and objectively observable. It is also coincidentally very much rooted in biology and evolution. You shall not kill is not universal mantra, you should do it to protect your home, to feed yourself and other predators do it as a matter of life. The reason we chose to have this scruple is that the societies where it wasn’t killed themselves off. So yes, it is not subjective in the least.

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