Alaura Weaver

Really? You are talking about Testimonial Injustice, when YOU call every explanation even when you obviously need it mansplaining? If that is not testimonial bias I don’t know what is. I also loved these “gems”

And God forbid we air our grievance on social media. Because you know there’s gonna be one woman who “isn’t a feminist” piping in to add to the gaslighting:
(Testimonial injustice)
And of course the inevitable Men’s Rights Activist defending the fine art of explaining things to women by…you know…explaining things to a woman:

So anybody who disagrees with you are automatically wrong, because you slap a label on them? Have you ever you know analyzed what they say instead caring what gender they are?

I wonder do you consider my questions to you, mansplaining also? I took pains to avoid any explanations for my part, but you know I did opened my mouth and that is a no no. Right?

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