Dear Men,
Emily Jordan

Another friend of mine used to frequent a bagel shop in downtown Dallas. She loved the food, the atmosphere, the location of the store. That is, until an employee there began that not-so-clever type of unwanted banter that makes a girl uncomfortable, but also makes her rude if she ignores him or shoos him away because he’s “just being nice.”
They say, “Tell that guy to leave you alone.”
Oh yes, me, little, lonely, tiny, girl. Vulnerable and conquerable in less than half a second. I will tell that man twice the size of me to “leave me alone!”

So which one is it? Encouraging more guy banter, by listening to it, supposedly afraid of being rude. Or being scared to say “leave me alone”. I have no doubt YOU might be fearing to say it. May be even rightfully so. But the hell do you want other people to do to make you happy? Not talking to you? You still have to indicate it somehow, people are not mindreaders.

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