Believe it or not
H. Nemesis Nyx

Surely you are joking! I’ll address it point by point.

There is HARD evidence in this document related to Information Security and Information System Security — the methods deployed by the Russian state are DETAILED in this report. Methodology IS evidence. It describes “how” they did it

Methodology is not an evidence. Somebody was shot by a gun, it is methodology and established. It doesn’t follow that you H. Nemesis Nyx shot that somebody.

— in other words “the means” — motive, means and opportunity — that’s the trifecta of evidence.
Motive —
Established and detailed in the documents I provided.

Not established, but assumed, and while very likely nowhere in this document it is indicated that Russia is the only country that have the motive. I can assure you with America being in almost every country business many more actors, government and business will have an interest in election data. Nowhere in this document it is even discussed, that hack might not have been election manipulation motivated at all.

Means —
Described in the document below among others.

Means described in the document are again assumed. I can tell you that as a person working in security field. Even if they are correct, there is no evidence at all pointing to Russia. The same block of IP addresses was used, that was also used, as they assumed a year ago, hackers based in Russia and Ukraine. Do you even count how many flimsy assumption is in here? It could’ve been Ukraine, it could’ve been anybody using same anonymous forwarder, they could’ve been wrong the last time assuming it. It’s like saying this robbery looks like the one last year, that we thought was done by you. There fore we know you robbed this time.

Opportunity —
The 2016 election, as described in the documents.

That I am sorry, doesn’t make any sense at all. What kind of opportunity is that? Usually opportunity means the person was in unique position to accomplish something — like having access to food during suspected poisoning. What was the unique set of circumstances for Russia and Russia only, to hack into the systems during election? Nothing in this document is even remotely supports your claim.

So no, there is no HARD evidence at all in this document. Even the circumstantial evidence are not there. The document hints at them only. Remember that “same IP block”, there is no evidence in the document of previous use, except the saying of one security company (which is highly suspect, due to it’s ownership), that it was used before.

Can it be right? Of course. The Russia, like America is no stranger to intelligence gathering. But 2 things to keep in mind. 1. It’s not a fact. 2. It’s not an election hacking (whatever that means). As far as word interference goes, what the hell is that? Did it made it harder to vote? I would imagine having more information to base your vote on can be called “assistance”.

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