Cultural Appropriation: Whose culture is it anyway, and what about hybridity?
Sonny Hallett

Thank you. I never took these outcries seriously so I never even framed my responses to these limited people. You did it perfectly, except why is it even the issue, did “professional outrage peddlers” ran out of things to be outraged? The history of culture and civilization is a history of mingling and accepting the best others have to offer. Italians appropriating pasta from chinese noodles. Polish well known for their love for potatoes, that came from America. Tea time in England, with China tea. It’s what makes world go round.

I also get upset, when people give rock’n’roll as an example of white appropriation, or even jazz. It’s true it was invented by black people, but so many things in it was appropriated from white culture: instruments-all white except maybe drums, guitar sound, country vocals etc. Even the music scale used is European. Have these zealots of cultural appropriation been active then, would they have policed black people of yore to use only tribal drums and african scale to express themselves, to not appropriate white instruments or any invention from European music, god forbid?

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