Hm, a question, are you a scientist, and if yes, in which field?
Martin Rezny

Yes I am , Biology and Computer science (two degrees)

Subjective is not real to others. So your outrage and fury with no facts is not real to me at all.

How many social science experiments was replicated? And who was that experimented on humans after WWII? You know if you cannot do 100% it’s suspicious.

Obviously even “ridiculous reduction” went over your head. I am not talking about ordered systems, it wouldn’t be a picture it would be a straight line in that case. But reality is not a chaos, I had to laugh long at that. That is something religion, philosophy and science all agree on. It has a structure and all of them try to describe it.

Calling car a cab (cabriolet) doesn’t make it a horse drawn carriage. Come to think of it car is part of carriage word. So for lack of a better word new thing called science might have been called “natural philosophy” at the age long passed.

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