Republican congressman says white terrorists are different
Aaron Rupar

You do understand the conversation was not about morality or legality? Where all your vitriol would be correct, murder is murder and is foul.

The conversation was about the threat presented by different terrorist organizations. And in that you have to be kidding me, if you disagree that an “organization” read the whole country with thousands upon thousands of soldiers and multiple financing options, recruiting foreign and domestic terrorists and having a STATED goal of destroying America is of the same threat level as disorganized white extremists. We are talking 2 attacks in 2016 by white extremists world wide and 1274 attacks by radical islamic groups world wide. Even the ones Trump saying 78 is way higher, then 2.

So yes, while I find any kind of terrorism despicable (same as congressmen if you listen to interview). I think his point about the highest threat should be addressed as a priority is valid. Should we talk about other cases, sure, there I think he fumbled the ball, all terrorism should be stopped.

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