This snarky white denial is sickening.
Barros Serrano

You want to be self flagellating dude on a white guilt trip — bon voyage. I am not jumping on that chu-chu train. I live in the society that have laws protecting every minority, to the point of being impartial and racist toward white males. I don’t know where you live, Mexico? I am not standing on nobodies backs, neither were my parents who lived in Russia. You are what they call useful idiot, you call yourself “white” and you call everybody who disagrees with you a racist. Do they give you a playbook you can quote or something? Believe me I do not want white supremacy and advantages to white males, while they might benefit me, they will be detrimental to my black wife and daughter. I am just sick and tired of hate mongers and racists of all colors who try to get political or real capital like in case of The DiDi Delgado by peddling hate and baseless accusations. Do you not find it interesting, that you cannot address any points made by me, or provide any discriminatory laws to prove your point, but have to fall back on personal attacks and snark. Make your position very weak. But I don’t expect anything else from cult follower.