My Transition from AvidXchange

Editor’s Note — I first published this post on January 6, 2011 on my personal blog. Now, I’m moving selected pieces here to Medium. This is a follow-up to the post Leaving the Company I Founded .

This is a recording of my address to AvidXchange, when I told the entire company, about 75 of us at the time, that my role was changing and I was leaving day-to-day management. There was general shock and awe.

I had talked about my reasons for leaving with my partner and with the Board a few times before this announcement so I had a general outline of what I wanted to say, but I didn’t have anything written down or any notes to refer to. It just came out of me like you’ll hear it.

I knew it was going to be emotional for me — I even had some kleenex in my pocket — I had no idea how emotional it was going to be.

In short, the whole experience was overwhelming. Everyone should have the joy of having this type of experience at least once in life.

NOTE: This address is roughly 17 minutes long. Here is a general overview of what I said:

  • Minutes 1–4: overview of why people are so important, and the type of people a company needs during different stages.
  • Minutes 4–7: my Board-level assessment of the management issues holding the Company back.
  • Minutes 7–15: my views on changing my full-time operation Role to part-time and advisory from three perspectives: of being a Board Member; as the largest stockholder; and as an employee.
  • Minutes 15–17: my thanks to the Team and my challenge to them to continue to aim high and do more.