The SLC — Day 2 of 5

Self Learning Clinic. That’s what the ‘SLC’ in the title stands for. Summarily, it is an off-site guided (and aided) learning experience that aspiring Andelans must go through for a week. Largely, it is geared at assessing one’s capacity to learn, by having one deliver as best as they can on a given web application. And it is proving to be quite the experience for me.

Yesterday, the ask was to refine the user interface of an application we are building, while demonstrating an understanding of the basics of html, css and the use of the Git version control system. Designing a UI hinges primarily on creativity. The task is largely to conceptualize something that is appealing to the eye. I dare say I had the time of my life, it was a breeze. Not so today.

They had us building on the application today, adding functionality to the UI, making the application usable. The objective, I suppose is to acquaint us with the concepts of Object Oriented Programming, and Test Driven Development. It’s been quite a day, trying to wrap my head around unit-testing, and conceptualizing the applicability of encapsulation and inheritance to the task at hand. It is proving to be quite the challenge.

These initial stages of figuring out how to add functionality to the application mark what I suspect will be the most strenuous season for me. It can only be easier from here, I am sure. Thus, while there is proving to be quite a few hurdles at the moment, I am confident that these are only temporary. Soon enough, it will once again be a breeze.

All the more why I am so pumped up for it I suppose, so inspired to keep trying. It borders on magical, starting from what is practically a blank slate on a given concept, and learning enough to build something useful. This has got to be one of the most gratifying experiences. For me at least. I intend to stay the course therefore, to leverage the resources at my disposal till I deliver as best as possible on the task. This is after all the spirit of anyone hoping to achieve excellence; they keep at learning, striving towards mastery of their craft always. I remain confident that that spirit is in my DNA somewhere.