Dear JavaScript,
Jamie Kyle

As far as babel 6 and “nothing works out of the box anymore” is concerned, I would be totally ok with that… if the tools built around it wold produce errors on invocation (as it often takes umpteen layers of abstractions and tools just to transpile a .js file these days).

The fatigue comes from the fact that it’s not just babel. Or just angular. Or just Angular. Or just Webpack. Or… The fatigue comes from the fact that you need an ever increasing number of (often) badly designed, (often) badly engineered and (often) overengineered parts that are (often) barely integrated with each other.

As we ran into this issue just this summer:

All in all the whole toolchain to produce a Javascript file is grunt -> grunt-browserify -> browserify -> babelify -> babel. And someone in that chain decides that babel missing all of its specified plugins is not a reason to throw an error, stop and report.

Having to deal with this and similar problems on nearly constant basis leads to anger, angry articles etc.

Yes, there are many rants. But also, yes, developers of tools don’t stop and think about what they are doing and where they are going (and yes, babel is much better than many other tools in this respect)

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