In search of…

An exert from poems by D’mitri Jay Florent.

Black Rose’s for these Dirty Kings

From the Queen Widows and Mistresses of the world

Who hold the Acrid aroma of Aurelia

And her curvaceous Cohorts counterparts in their hands

And bear the Curses of Sadam and Gomorrah on their breasts

And exchange their crash love

For past Lovers with beauty and insight

Fixes and Vices all alike,

To this Primordial, Pandorium, prison of Sinners

Kudos to you,

Masochist of the New World

In your land or Red Rum Rivers and Golden Rainbows

Eyes bloodshot stained like glass after a Murder

Where I am the Captain to this hot-blooded caravan


It is only of Fervent Immanentism

We stand here today

When it’s purely in our nature to destroy Ourselves

All controversy aside and Ammunition amiss these Bones and Ashes

I wish for our World to Awaken

In the cold sweat of Nighttime

Healed of all its wounds

And fixed of all its miserable Mischief

Our world to love with open arms

Like a everlasting Opiate

Then only will I truly know

That this internal Lust

For external Beauty was to search for this

Forever having that everlasting Peace

That we were in search of…..