One Sweet Glimpse

Your glimpse that made me fall
Your smile that amaze us all
Made me love you even more
Not even thinking to be loved back at all

My fragile heart that is afraid to fall
Afraid not to be caught by someone i fall for
But there’s a thing that changed my mind
A glimpse that fixed the brokenheart of mine

I tried to let go and walk away
Coz there’s nothing to do it anyway
But i can’t ignore you even for a day
So i’ll just admit it to you anyway

One day, i saw you beside the window alone
Out of your mine, while listening to a song
There i saw a chance to tell you
This feelings of mine towards you

I was about to approach you
But i guess those rumors are true
I saw you holding a boy’s hand
Saying how much you love him too.

My body stiffened
When i saw him kissing your hand
Asking you “would you be mine?” 
And you said “yes” that hurts me for the nth time

Your glimpse that once made me smile
Now became the glimpse that made me cry
Your glimpse that made me fall
A glimpse that broke my heart and soul

But before i stepped away 
I looked at your face once again
There i saw your glimpse with full of happiness
One last glimpse of you before my tears flow once again