Best Litecoin Cloud Mining Platforms 2018

Cloud based Litecoin mining is what an eager miner might look for in 2018 if (s)he is prepared to fight their way to good cryptocoin gains. But are cloud mining Litecoin offers really a worthwhile thing? Basically, Litecoin mining is no different from others. Listed below are points, that may help you tell a truly profitable cloud mining pool from unworthy ones.

  • Contract rates that compare well — check several services to get the full picture, cheap contracts are mostly scam;
  • Reliable servers and best up-time — ask the support team; with mining, cloud server health is another good indicator of the mining service’s quality;
  • Effective electricity rates — make your own research; data centers usually should find shelter in locations where mining doesn’t result in staggering electricity bills.

Best Litecoin cloud mining platforms

Of the few legit platforms out there, even fewer manage to stay profitable for their user. Those that meet this criterion are as follows:

IQ Mining has it plain and simple: you join and they take care of all the rest. Even the process of switching between coins based on their profitability is automatic; also, they promise that the users will get their returns on a monthly basis with no delays.

Ready to join one of the most famous and trusted cloud mining contract providers? Hashflare has a highly active team whose members constantly appear in cryptocommunities and hold a lively communication on social networks. Recently, they have become the focus of a great commotion regarding their decision to shut down all their SHA-256 mining operations due to the decreased profitability in Bitcoin.

This service, actually, is just a branch of a much bigger project. The Alien Cloud team has already successfully brought to life an array of ideas, including TEOCOIN and AllienWallet. A nice option for those interested in mining free and unrestrained.


Being founded in 2017, the young Сryptouniverse service hit the ground running; its team made a huge investment in hardware, getting themselves an ultra-productive rig with 6 degrees of automatic overheating and overloading protection. Their official hardware suppliers are Hitachi and АВВ.

Another team of hot-blooded cryptoentusiasts who welcome you to use their farm for stable gains. Minerbooking has vividly distinct contract conditions: they offer a rigid price that won’t change even if the cryptocoin you’re mining suddenly skyrocket.

Are there any other options?

To get even more bang for the buck, miners often look for alternative ways such as an opportunity to connect for mining Amazon cloud or other online resources. Unfortunately, this latter one does not work well — unless you yourself own a data center and can outweigh the unprofitability with superior computing power.

It’s the other way round with cloud mining where no equipment, experience or tech-knowledge ever required. You simply jump in the cryptobiz and starting out is as easy as ABC. The worst thing about cloud mining is that no one can possibly know just for how long they will remain profitable. Otherwise, the current cryptomarket offers no better option; just make sure you join a reliable platform and don’t sign an overly long contract.