Best Monero Cloud Mining Websites 2018

What is a Monero cloud mining contract? First of all, it’s your opportunity to start earning with a promising cryptocoin that showed a steady rise from $2.5/XMR in May 2014 to its current value of $112.7/XMR in October 2018 (peaking at $494 in January 2018). Monero cloud mining is a good a financial trend as any, including Ethereum and Bitcoin — as long as you get a reputable mining platform working for you.

Best Monero cloud mining platforms

Both Bitcoin and altcoin mining places are littered with scammers, so you should really take care in pursuit of your selected currency. Here we share with you a selection of trusted places that have proven remunerative for their subscribers (the selection is compiled based on the current value of Monero).

Even though having quite little experience in the area of cloud mining, Alien Cloud has already gathered a good share of subscribers. A good thing about their being young is low prices; obviously, they are trying to expand whatever the cost. What is more, they offer contracts with no time limitation — which is great for those miners who feel confident with long-playing pools.

The CCG expert team is ready to embrace you with a truly great number of contracts ­– BTC, ZCASH, ETH, DASH, MONERO, LBRY, and LTC — most of which are signed for a two-year period. With their custom-built mining rigs, they feel confident enough to offer $49,000 VIP packages that will make you their investment partner.

In its essence, this is a community of webmasters who offer their users a reliably protected network for free and anonymous cloud mining. Minerbooking promises convenient packages with instant payouts for any of the cryptocurrencies listed. In their choice of coins, they get somewhat similar to Minergate cloud mining (Monero, Litecoins, Bitcoin, Dash and some other).

You might’ve not heard much about Mineunit — and it’s small wonder because this company is only slightly more than one-year-old. However young, the team offers you something bigger than just mining and by that they mean education. You can actually get more versed in the cryptofinancial matters with this community!

Why you should prefer cloud mining over mining on your own

Few miners these days have enough funds to launch their own mining farm. At the same time, collecting coins with the help of a cloud contract provider is really becoming a thing, and here’s why:

· No need for buying, delivering and maintaining the costly hardware — your service should supply you with up-to-date computing power and mending the tech issues sits completely on their side of the deal;

· No fuss with cooling — really hard-working mining companies locate their data centers in geographically favorable zones;

· You don’t deal with the noisy surrounding — the rig remains at a remote location and so do your troubles;

· One-time payment — you secure your steady coin collection by paying just once.

Aside from that, efficient mining services also provide you with various tools, such as a profit calculator and detailed reports on the process of coin extraction. Go straight to the official website of a suitable provider and learn more; don’t hesitate to contact their client support should you have any questions left.