CCG Mining Review 2018

Dmitriy Smith
Oct 10, 2018 · 3 min read


CCG Mining was created in mid-2016 when cryptocurrencies started peaking in popularity and entering the realm of high demand. CCG cloud mining is primarily aimed at European clients, including miners from the UK, Russia, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, and Austria, as well as from other regions the world around.

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In addition to Bitcoin, users can sign contracts for mining of Ethereum, ZCash, Monero, DASH, Litecoin, and LBRY Credits.

The most frequent question is: how do you withdraw Bitcoin from CCG mining? Just as with other mineable coins, the user’s balance is refunded on the 15th and 16th day of the month. Bitcoin can be withdrawn at a minimum amount of 0.002 BTC.


Most CCG mining review articles mention that the CCG’s hash power is not the most affordable on the market; however, that happens due to constant innovations implemented by the company rather than overpricing.

For those who want to reinvest, a convenient profit calculator is available.

Contracts for Bitcoin start from $19.99 per 50 GH/s. Altcoin contracts last 2 years at the minimum and do not feature any maintenance cost; Bitcoin is the only currency requiring a maintenance fee (around $0.00038 per 24 H/s). Each package comes as a custom plan offer (see below).


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To make a point for Hashflare vs Genesis Mining vs CCG mining price comparison, these three services go pretty much neck-and-neck, offering their users good benefits with each mining contract.

For each of ETH, Zcash, Monero, and LTC, you can select three no-maintenance plans. BTC and BCH, on the other hand, are offered in a selection of 3 one-year-long contracts + 3 unlimited contracts (all with maintenance fees). The package prices are as follows:

  • Mini comes at 9.89$ for 100 GH/s (MF at 0.034$ per day);
  • Starter comes at 32.99$ for 400 GH/s (MF at 0.136$ per day);
  • Pro comes at 1849.99$ for 25000 GH/s (MF at 8.5$ per day).

Consequently, CCG mining slow payout can be made faster with a gradual increase of your mining specs.

Online reputation

As today’s industry of cryptocurrency mining attracts even more fraudsters, a good idea would be to visit some resource-related communities to check the credentials. We advise that you look up CCG mining on Reddit and Bitcointalk to put your mind at rest.

Then again, you can cross-check various information available for the CCG on their pages in social networks and official website with that on forums and blogs. Furthermore, the CCG themselves will gladly help you with any details via their chat support.


Some awesome things about the CCG:

  • Powerful mining rigs (they offer some video-materials for those interested);
  • SSL Security and DDOS Protection;
  • Great loyalty program with a 6% referral​ bonus for each purchase;
  • They are pretty well-reachable with an email address, Skype​, online contact form and the address of their head office listed.

Not so awesome things:

  • In terms of technical details, they rely on live communication too much. Neither full specs nor adequate package data are provided.


To all appearances, the CCG’s services are a quality match for those of other cloud mining platforms. Their drawbacks are few and quite insignificant. You really should grab a CCG mining promo code and join their community while there are still places available.

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