Steemit meetup in Kiev

On April 26th I held another meetup that was dedicated to blockchain-based social media platforms Steemit and Golos.

It was quite an amazing experience. This time I’ve tried a little bit different approach: minimum theory and maximum practice, tools and live mode type of stuff. That was both challenging and exciting for me but it was fun.

We had around 10–15 people that were quite engaged and asked lots of questions. That’s totally understandable, since the platform has a lot of features and specific details that have to be addressed.

In my opinion Steemit and Golos have a very big potential but I do believe they will only succeed with an awesome marketing strategy. Hopefully they decided to use a crowdsourcing approach which has a potential to change the direction for the better.

What I do love about this platform is its SEO optimization. I emphasize on this one quite a lot because it is crucial for any business or personal brand. I’m telling you, most of the time Steemit posts surpasses those written by Wordpress and other top blogs. Just tried it out for yourself.

I recently became very involved with Slava, so pretty soon I’m going to announce a big update for my current Dash budget proposal. In short, we’re collaborating to make conferences, instead of meetups.

We’re also working on a very huge and interesting business project together, details in the coming week.

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