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Photo by Taryn Kaahanui on Unsplash

-That’s how RBMK reactors explode.
‘Chernobyl’, HBO, 2019.

You can hardly imagine how our authorities don’t give a shit about us.
I’m gonna tell you a story about, it seems, ordinary road construction in Moscow, but I couldn’t think how it is scared for everyone, even for you.
There is a highway in Moscow, called Kashirskoe. On this road stands well known Moscow National Research Nuclear University (MEPhI) or Moscow Engineering Physics Institute.

And it has a nuclear reactor (actually, Moscow area has about 95 nuclear reactors, we live around a nuclear ring). Not far from it there is the TVEL Fuel Company (TVEL), developer of nuclear fuel.
A long time ago this factory threw away nuclear waste behind its territory directly on the ground and then sprinkled it with soil.
Quite many people knew about the burial and, of course, authorities.
Year after year some state agencies published information about it and nothing. There was a fence around this area and walking there was forbidden.
Acting Moscow government wants to build a new city highway right next to it.
Can you imagine how scared the residents are? And am I?
If construction starts we will all die because of cancer, quick or slow, either way fatal.
Residents ring the bells, write a bunch of petitions to all city and state agencies.
Moscow government say: there is no radiation.
The federal authority says: ask Moscow government.
They lie to us time after time, day by day.
And by the way, I have a little addition.
On August, 9 some awful accident happened in the Russian North. Five military and civilian specialists were killed and three (or six, depending on the source) were injured.
Russian state kept silence and the first man who said of it was the President of the United States!
Local Russian officials didn’t say anything to the doctors, they didn’t say anything to us, citizens.
And, as always and as in 1986 in the USSR our federal government lies to us, ti the world about the accident.
They say it’s ok.
Only after weeks, Putin answered ‘There is nothing to worry about’.
But I don’t believe them at all, because I little bit know about radiation containment and X-rays.
It is really scared.
Because I live 5 miles away from the burial.
I don’t wanna die for some commercial or political interests.
I want to live with no radiation.
Do you know what is the most scared?
People don’t give a f… about containment also.
We are less, I mean, those who do care about the environmental situation.
Lies. Lies. Lies.
We surrounded lies from federal authorities, from local authorities.
I suggest we had some dose of radiation a couple of weeks ago in Moscow because the wind from the North had come to us.
And so what, you might ask me.
I don’t know, that my answer would be because I don’t understand how to protect myself and my children from radiation and lies. …

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Photo by Tom Blackout on Unsplash

A couple days ago in «Runet» appeared a video from one of the local division of Russian Penitentiary Agency (FPA) advertising job into the agency.
Watch this video attentively.
Pay attention to everything — environment, actions, a facial expression of »actors” and gestures.
It is all awesome.

Here is the translation of the song:

We all serve in Buryatia,
Our team is very friendly,
Every one of us is a man here,
An officer of FPA.
In our men’s team
There are beautiful divas.
Gender is no reason for us,
We are FPA’s officers.

It is being clearly done
Our fighting against crime.
A leader is a whimper,
We are FPA’s officers. …

If you are a violator, you can scream on the Russian police officer.

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Screaming on the police officer (

A couple of days ago I found a video about the relationship between Russian police and some violators.

There is a monument in Moscow.

Some «smart» guys, I guess, park their cars in front of the monument and around it.

Of course, it is an administrative violation and, eventually, sucks.

Last time in Moscow local authorities try to bring order and I have to admit we have not so bad situation with parking.

Anyway, here and there from time to time we get such disgusting treatment from our compatriots. …

Disclaimer. I have been studying English for almost 2 years and I don’t know all the rules of English grammar and correct spelling yet, so there are probably mistakes in my text. I’m sorry for that, but without working on my English writing skills I will not be able to speak and write in this wonderful language. Thanks for understanding!

Briefly, I remind you what happened last week with my comrades, Moscow local journalists.

On March, 20 they were beaten an robbed by employees and their CEO of the Moscow company called «Sercons» when the had been there to find out why one of the Sercons’ workers was insulted and attacked by the CEO of the company a day before. That worker, a girl, got an illegal ‘proposal’ to quit. …

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This is Alex Dorogov, one of the three beaten journalists.

I have some friends from a YouTube channel called «Dvizhenie» what in English means «moving forward».

And they also work in local Russian social and political media called «Rosderzhava» what means in English something like «a Russian state».

They do many useful things such as public control of official’s violations, police’s violations and others because Russian authority often violates its rules and laws.

So, that’s how we live here.

You can watch what they do on their channel and you are not to be able to understand the Russian language, because all videos are about breaking the law of Russian officials and their stupidity. …


I have been studying English for almost 2 years and I don’t know all the rules of English grammar and correct spelling yet, so there are probably mistakes in my text. Forgive me for them, but without working on my English writing skills I will not be able to learn to speak this wonderful language.

I’d be glad if you could find a minute to point out my mistakes.

Thanks for understanding!

Let me tell you about my typical Russian stairwell.
The stairwell in Russia is not just some public place when there are apartment’s doors, that is also a meeting place, a place for talking, celebrating place and place for drawing on the wall. Sometimes it is a latrine. For the locals.
I will write about what is usually done in the stairwell in the next episode.
Today I’m gonna tell you what I see every single day with my own eyes.
In the morning going out of my apartment at a typical Moscow district ( outside of Moscow it is even worse), what can I see? …

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A screenshot from “House of CArds”, 6th season.

So, this is what you should know about a new season of the “House of Cards”.

Of course, without Spacey it’s a little bit shitty, but his wife is fu…. bi….

I absolutely recommend watching it in English, ’cause Russian translation was made by babbling bumbling band of baboons.

On the screen — Rissian President Victor Petrov during negotiations with the US President Claire Hale (not Underwood anymore).

And the word “pizdets” is a rude Russian word, means deep fuckup with something.

Все, что нужно знать о новом сезоне сериала “Карточный домик”.

Без Спейси, конечно, хреново, но женушка его та ещё….

Категорически рекомендую к просмотру в оригинале хотя бы с субтитрами, ибо на русский переводили жопорукие бабуины!

На скрине — Президент России Виктор Петров в момент переговоров с Президентом США Клэр Хейл (уже не Андервуд).

Speaking shortly, it can. But it won’t be.

Because journalism is being formed by people with different views, interests and level of corruption.

Any media is a tool of persuasion for someone’s interests.

The media lie and lie often, lie a lot.

In our country, 95% of the media are controlled by the state, so it is not surprising that lies are prospering around.

Russia is a country of lie. Lie is all around: we lie to each other, at work, to the government and so on.

Lie has become a norm of behavior everywhere, no exaggeration.

The current Russian state-controlled media use techniques of Joseph Goebbels, the minister of propaganda of the Third Reich. …

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“law angle photography of tall trees at daytime” by Jay Wennington on Unsplash

These are little stories, that I will tell you that quite colorfully describe relationships Russian people to each other in the situations when another person, perhaps, needs help.

The first story.

About 8 years ago in one of the completely ordinary day I went to the tram stop and saw nearby a man lying down without consciousness on the grass.

I went to him to understand what happened.

Do you think someone else went to him to help?


The majority was pasiing by, someone just stood and looked at us.

My attempts to reanimate him by my own strengths were useless and the man was totally passed out, but there wasn’t smell of booze. …

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“high-rise buildings photo taken in front of fence” by Serge Kutuzov on Unsplash

I learned about this topic long ago, as university student and for many years didn’t remember about it, although the topic had been living and prospering.

I am talking about the illegal financing of federal courts by the governments of the Russian regions.

Pompous news on a regional level: “The mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin and the Chief Justice of the Moscow City Court Olga Egorova opened a new building of the Tverskoy and Meshchansky district courts on the Kalanchevskaya street.”

It would be alright if this was cynical violation of the principle of independence of judges and the Federal constitutional law of the Russian Federation called “About judiciary system of the Russian…


Dmitriy Nesterenko

Russian lawyer, speaker and just good man.

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