Why I swapped C#.NET for Python as my default language and platform (and won’t be going back)
Anthony Shaw

So biased article, that I wanted to report it, but didn’t find the rule for it. Most of article is just guessing NOT facts about .NET/.NET Core, Nuget, etc., in other words “misleading”. I was professionally developing WebApi with .NET Core since 2015 when it was not called “Core” yet, so reading this “message” from 2016 looks to me like someone haven’t ever worked with it or it.

I’m trying to contribute to Python project at the moment and I haven’t had such pain since TurboPascal times, when you get the code and it is not compiling no one over internet know why.
Every project in .NET I had followed one simple rule: “If fresh developer downloads the code and presses Run in Visual Studio it should just Build and Run, so he could immediately start working”.

Life is to short to dig someones not working code.