Reality Clash — The Future of gaming


Technology which superimposes computer generated images on the user’s view of the real world i.e. Information which surrounds us became interactive and Information will appear as it is in space. The digital world appear in the real world.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality bought Revolution in Enhancing Experience

The term Virtual reality implies that we are taken to a whole new world of simulation .e.g. by wearing virtual reality simulators your eyes will leave the current world blind and you are taken altogether in the different world a virtual world of simulation say u are in a roller coaster or you are flying a plane. Virtual reality simulates the vision and hearing

On the Other hand in Augmented reality the digital or virtual aspects are augment or added to your real world view and make it more interesting say a pair of glass shows you a map or can spot your Facebook friends on the road.

In augmented reality the digital components and the real components are both can be differentiated and the digital components are added in the real world.

Both Augmented Reality and Virtual reality has applications in 3D gaming

One Famous example of Augmented reality is the Famous Pokémon Gogame. Which was a huge success

And one Such Experience will be provided to us by Reality Clash with its Social augmented realty combat game on ethereum blockchain.

You can have a look at the awesome teaser in the link below

How cool is that for a game 

Why should one invest in Reality Clash?

  • Augment reality is the future of gaming
  • Team involved in Reality Clash have been involved with the likes of Disney Ubsoft and Microsoft
  • It’s not just a concept a workable game has already been developed
  • The game is planning to be launched in iPhone and google +

Why participate in Token sale?

  • Participant gets free discount
  • The RCC gold coin price will be discounted to roughly $0.30 per coin
  • You are getting a massive 70% discount on the coin which will be available for $1 on google + and iPhone after the launch
  • Give you access to exclusive content including weapons, armor and ammo
  • Token Sale will have weapons and armory that can be used in the game and will never be available again.
  • Armory is available in token sale

This game brings the technology like the famous Pokemon game technology in advance. But it is this game has the genre of FPS Combat and more features in it.
Like other FPS games. Reality Clash also provides a wide range of items such as weapons and various other items to support the game. Items — items that can be purchased by using the token reality clash and more special than it is the Clash of Reality game token reality clash can make the money back and could be sold on the Exchange market was already set by Reality Clash.

Massive discounts and bonuses you will get when buying items by using the token reality clash, so it’s good you buy a token Reality Clash when pre-sale are certainly cheaper before launching.

Tokens that are issued by this Clash of Reality is the Token RCC (Reality Clash Coin Gold) which already support with ERC20 based Blockchain Ethereum

Schedule pre-order sale Token RCC will be funded on August 1, 2017 and for Token Sale will be funded on August 29, 2017 and ends on september 29, 2017. That means just give 30 days/month for a Token 1 Sale.

To the number of Tokens that will be selling the RCC as much 100 .000.000 Token RCC, While Pre-sale provide 50.000.000 RCC Token, when ICO at the start will be on sale as much as 50.000.000 RCC Token. Bonuses can be obtained when the pre-order sale is 50% with a minimum purchase of Tokens for $10.
with a 50% discount off course will make gamers have more tokens before ICO arrived. Of course gamers who bought before the ICO will get An Item and get additional access to tournaments and special Extras.

Team Realty Clash :

So Hurry Up for the ICO Presale (1 Aug-28 Aug) and ICO (29 Aug-29 Sep)

How the Token Sale Works

  • Sale starts on 29th August 2017 for 30 days.
  • Pre-Sale
  • 50% of the RCC Gold tokens will be available for the Pre-Sale between 1st Aug — 28 Aug 2017
  • Includes 50% free bonus tokens.
  • The minimum investment during the Pre -Sale is $10k

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