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Augmented Reality is a powerful new medium. We’ve started to see how it could affect our everyday lives and change the ways we interact with the world. But what is it, really? Well, it’s taking the digital world that’s packed up in say, your iPhone, and combining it with the physical world around you. Cool, yes. Hard for everyone to do, you bet.

Remember when sharing a video on the web meant that you needed a studio, an editor, and a team of engineers? It was a drag. And then all of a sudden, YouTube came along and we’re all video editors now.

Over time, every medium reaches a point where it becomes democratized, available for anyone to use, create, and share.

That’s what Metaverse is doing for augmented reality.

AR So Far

We’ve loved watching people enjoy augmented reality (AR) over the last year. It’s an amazing new way to interact with the world around you. Until today, it’s only been possible to create augmented reality if you were an expert. We’ve changed that with the launch of Metaverse, an augmented reality platform for…everyone!

With just your iPhone and a little sense of adventure, you can open up a world of digital experience.

Think of your iPhone as a lens in your pocket that can open up a brand new world.

The Metaverse

Metaverse gives you a powerful set of augmented reality tools that are simple and fun to use. Metaverse allows you to drop items anywhere you like. My niece, for example, has been putting an animated goblin on her friend’s house as a way to talk to her. They’ve gone back and forth during our beta, and it’s been fun to watch.

We’ve also done two scavenger hunts, in San Diego and Los Angeles, that show the power of the platform and shows off the community who can’t wait to get started. You can easily tell any story you want to tell, share any information you want to share, and connect with others through things we call experiences.

An experience lets you drop an item wherever you like and then choose how it acts to the rest of the world. Want a zombie to say hi or give dating advice? Go for it.

Here’s exactly what we’re launching today:

  1. Metaverse Mobile App — Discover and interact with characters (called Interactive Experiences) or build simple Interactive Experiences for others to discover.
  2. Meta Studio — Build sophisticated Interactive Experiences and Dimensions (groups of Interactive Experiences, like channels on YouTube) in this web accessible Interactive Development Environment (IDE).
  3. Meta API — A read/write API for developers that allows for scripting of Dimensions and Experiences, with hooks and integrations to external services.

We have the backing of brilliant minds

Today, we are also announcing the close of a $2M seed financing by 23 angels, which include Michael Eisner (former CEO of Disney), Mike Jones (former CEO of MySpace), Art Bilger (angel of Akamai), Loic Le Meur (founder of Le Web), many prominent Googlers, and many other talented individuals.

Create, share, and explore with us!

We think the use cases for Metaverse are countless, from entertainment to education, from commerce to enterprise, from casual amateurs to professional studios, and we can’t wait to see what YOU do with it.

If you would like to get started early, request to become a creator and augment the world with us! We promise that you’ll be surprised, sometimes shocked, but always delighted at every turn.

Dmitry and team GoMeta

PS: Check out what we did in Santa Monica a few weekends ago

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