The list of co-working spaces for Keynotes in Kiev

  1. Nonworkplace
  2. Brain Hub
  3. Besednizza
  4. Bibliotech
  5. Klava ta kava
  6. Campus
  7. 4Hub
  8. Smartworking Sad
  9. Sad Petrivka
  10. Coworking platforma
  11. Never Give up city center
  12. Co-working 99
  13. Underhub
  14. Lyasy
  15. Schastie Hub
  16. Data Hub
  17. Fred-house

There are also about 14 similar places in Kiev that don’t have any price on their website which means I can figure that out as well.

I want to make a special thanks to Pavel Zurian and his outstanding work at his website. That compressed the time to make this list.