I’m moving over to Dash, here’s why

I’ve been using cryptocurrency for the last 1.5 years and the only thing that I can tell you is that it is absolutely gorgeous. It gives me that power, freedom and control over my own money and frankly my life. Plus I don’t have to worry about inflation anymore because such thing almost doesn’t exist here.

I’ve been learning about this technology and truly believe that it will effect almost everybody, the question is how soon?

In any case, I always wanted to help to spread the message about cryptocurrency as far as possible because it is so cool. A couple months ago I created a video about Bitcoin that went literally viral. Currently it has almost 60,000 views on my YouTube channel alone. I suppose people are just really excited about the price. That’s fun I guess.

What I learned from this is that most of the people think of Bitcoin as an investment, which it is. It is rare to meet somebody who bought Bitcoin and wants to sell them or use any time soon, and I believe that’s an issue right there.

There’re only 3 types of people that are willing to actually use Bitcoin on a day to day basis:

1) Traders. The obvious one.

2) People who have salary in Bitcoin (most of developers who work on cryptocurrency/Blockchain-related projects, Steemit bloggers, Dash treasury contractors, network and affiliate marketers).

3) Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, usually if there’s some discount for paying with Bitcoin.

That made me consider that the vast majority of ordinary people still have no idea what cryptocurrency is. What is worse, they are intimidated by using this nerdy technology.

That’s the punch line. People think that Bitcoin and any other crypto is very complex and there’s no way they will figure it out. They don’t want to know what is Blockchain, how Bitcoin works, what the transaction confirmation time means and so forth. They just want to use it.

Actually the same exact stuff was happening with the Internet at the early stages but only the companies who understood that usability, simplicity and design is everything had won.

And from all of the cryptocurrencies that exist right now, Dash is the only one who is doing it in the right way.

Speed, privacy and organizational model is what makes Dash an Apple, and Bitcoin — a Linux.

I mean, they are ahead of everybody. And that’s only a start.

Even if Bitcoin will come up with some awesome app which right now is just not the case, Dash will already have its stunning Dash Evolution. You have no idea what it is going to do.

Anyways I made my bet on Dash not only because of its privacy and instant confirmation but because of the funds allocation.

I mean it is brilliant to have not only miners to earn the rewards of their work but everybody. It is so smart and sexy to get paid for the conference trip directly from the Blockchain. Period.

I have a very big long-term plan for the Dash community so be prepared.

Besides, that doesn’t mean I’m against Bitcoin or I abandon it. I’m not. I just want to be a part of something awesome, and Dash in my opinion is.