How to Build Your Brand Image Using Your Blog

Guys from my Communication Agency SAHAR.PRO give a word of advice about blogs and brands.

What is brand, anyway? It is a representation of your relationship with your blog`s guests. Another words, your brand is your promise to potential buyers. Your own blog or web-site is the best way to make your business successful. To improve relationship with customers you should to do everything possible to build the brand and create an appropriate reputation.
 The next steps will help you to create positive image and your followers will feel strong sense of loyalty.
 1. The main thing you should do — Think about your customers.
 Do not think about your desires, determine what people want. The strategy of your marketing strategy must to be built on what will appeal to your customers. For example, the kinds of goods they are like to buy, the colors that would attract them etc. Give them what they want to get. How can your product to solve their problems or make their lives better?
2. What makes your blog unique?
 Determine what points make you unique among the rest. On the internet especially, it is very important to distinguish itself from all others. When people come to your blog they need to see all your advantages just immediately. Try to mesmerize their attention and pinpoint your company`s strengths.
3. The Logo.
 Logo is a symbol which can strongly generate an emotional response from followers. But it is impossible only if you have right context around logo. Think carefully about what kind of emotions do you want to get from customers. Maybe it is a felling of confidence? Strength? Excitement? How do you feel about your own business and translate it into a logo.
4. The slogan.
 Your brand gives the massage to people or a set of values, which they can get when they purchase your product. Your blog needs a slogan to create this important massage. Your slogan will be how people remember you and identify with it through a single idea. But you can to change the slogan from time to time. For example, most of the fast food chains we know do not use the same slogan forever.
Remember that your brand is the way you associate with your customers. Do this relationship better and stronger.