Vuejs is the data-driven javascript framework, that has powerful v-for arrays that use app data. What to do if this data has multiple items with multiple properties?

Real life example

In this tutorial we learn how to draw blaster using just geometric shapes, mostly ellipses and rectangles with shape builder tool.

Final Result

Step Zero

Take paper and pencil and draw different variations of your blaster to…

Sorry for the clickbait title, this article contains theoretical thoughts about personalization UX with examples, personas use attempt, data analysis and half tablespoon of humor.

Erik Mclean@introspectivedsgn

Do you use keyboard shortcuts? If yes — this article is for you

I understand that shortcuts aren’t for everybody. Some people work with wacoms, some don’t use shortcuts by…

Based on the real screenshot

It’s my friend’s dog. I have no real pets, only virtual

  • Facebook, Gmail or Twitter login to save your progress between devices
  • Improved Music and SFX
  • Death history in the Graveyard
  • Continue game screen
  • Creator’s Shop
  • Wheel of Fortune
Main Theme…

Photo by

Dmitry Mind

Product Designer / Frontend Developer, Entrepreneur and hungry Freelancer 🍕

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