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Do you use keyboard shortcuts? If yes — this article is for you

I understand that shortcuts aren’t for everybody. Some people work with wacoms, some don’t use shortcuts by ideological principles, some people have a physical limitation. But if you are shortcut user, so welcome :)

Much faster than moving the mouse to the bottom of the screen, especially if the bottom bar auto hides each time

Why users should use ‘Quick A’ instead of native browser tabs navigation?

What makes Quick ‘A’ interface faster than native tabs?

Let’s say the user wants to open StackOverflow tab
Visual part was borrowed from Mac OS app switcher, just abandoned blurry background for the better performance.

Quick ‘A’ tab navigation is better than native because of 113% bigger click area size, much easier to click and because it’s located in the screen center, mouse path is ~65% shorter. Also, page titles are fully visible.

Why should the user learn a new shortcut just to save 2 seconds?

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