Why we started a running shoe company

Dmitry R.
Dmitry R.
Aug 14, 2019 · 2 min read

We think running shoes have a problem.

  • They’re over-decorated and gimmicky, laden with “innovations” and “technologies” that sell you on a better run but, do nothing in reality.
  • All those “innovations and technologies” are synthetic and plastic. In some cases using small plastics that will be impossible to recover and recycle.
  • Currently, they’re all destined for landfill.

We believe that we can begin to solve these problems and create a better product. Making extremely rational choices that consider the long term, the product can benefit the runner while minimizing the impact on the environment.

We see a way to work with likeminded people to solve the problem with us. We won’t do this with a secret lab at some billion dollar R&D facility — we see a way to crowdsource direct feedback from our customers allowing us to continuously improve our product.

This way, we believe we can go beyond trends and the industry gimmicks. We can reach a point of long term innovation — where each improvement is based on real-world data.

Only what you need. Nothing more.

We are launching Way Running later this year with the Sustainable Runner — the first running shoe you won’t have to throw away. Join us and help change the footwear industry for the better.

Dmitry R.

Written by

Dmitry R.

Creating better things @ way-running.com

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