Occupations Where Seniority is Highly Valued

Today, there are unfortunately many places of employment that prefer having workers who are young and fresh out of college. These offices will lay off their older workers without a second thought. However, this isn’t always the case. There are other occupations that really do value seniority. They find experience key to their success. As someone who has over 15 years of experience, I wanted to hash on the importance of seniority in certain workplaces. Check out some of these occupations below:

1. Teacher

In education, employers value those teachers who have years of experience under their belt. That’s because they feel that this seniority only better helps students learn the lessons at hand. In fact, educators value seniority so much that they even offer tenure positions to those individuals who have been teaching for ten years. When an individual becomes tenured, that means that their position is secure and they can’t lose their job because of cuts and other reasons to that extent.

2. Doctor

The medical field is another one that truly values seniority. After all, when an individual is going to a doctor, they want to be dealing with someone who knows what they are talking about and can best help them with the issue going on. This is why individuals specifically look to doctors who have been practicing their profession for years. Remember, doctors have to go through so many years of schooling and then residency before they even get to branch out on their own. The more seniority a doctor has, the more valuable they are in their field.

3. Lawyer

The law profession is another one that looks very highly at individuals who have seniority. Once again, experience makes all the difference when it comes to winning and losing a case. A client will always prefer dealing with a lawyer who has not only represented a similar case to theirs, but has won that similar case over and over again. While other fields may look down on seniority, this one definitely doesn’t. An expert in this profession is considered a rare find, as law firms rarely will fire their most senior members. In fact, the younger generations of lawyers often look up to those that are senior to pick up tricks and tips to better themselves in this field.

While there are definitely professions out there that are opposed to having employees that are senior, these three listed above value seniority like no other. Seniority is what will ultimately help the field continue to develop, grow and thrive.

Dmitry Romantsov is a project manager and an aspiring entrepreneur from New York.