Why You Should be Using Project Management Software

Project management software and public relations projects are very similar. That is, they both work by breaking down a project into specific steps with exact costs. In fact, public relations projects need project management software because it allows PR professionals to control costs, provide continual real time updates and systematize produces. Below introduces four reasons why you should be using project management software for your PR projects.

Tracking Progress

Project management software allows you to delegate and track numerous assignments. As a result, users can instantly review the statuses of all unfinished tasks and follow up accordingly. In fact, project management software often eliminates the need for unnecessary meetings, emails and face-to-face follow ups. Keep in mind that many project management software packages come with real time communication tools. In addition to this, project management software allows employees to collaborate with each other through sharing information, documents and updates. All of this results in increased accountability and transparency.


One of the best benefits of project management software is the ability to control costs through risk management, financial forecasting and budget tracking. In fact, it becomes easier to estimate budgets as time goes by because there are past budgets that can serve as accurate models. Project management software allows you to continually forecast the budget and resource usage. This reduces budget overrun and scope creep. It will also help with properly utilizing available resources and preparing for future needs.


Public relations projects are time sensitive with unchangeable deadlines. Project management software encourages proper management of employees, the budget and resources. Consequently, PR managers can then break down project steps into key milestones, then individual assignments, which are further broken down into actionable tasks. Once the baseline project schedule is complete, project management software makes it easy to ensure that minor tasks are completed so that major key milestones can be finished in a timely manner.

Online Solutions

Web based software and cloud based project management platforms also increase efficiency, communication and overall performance. Many project managers also like that these services are easy to deploy, affordable to use and accessible from anywhere, anytime and on any device. Online project management platforms result in extremely accurate real time visibility. Finally, since they are centralized and universally accessible, employees can both access and share information more quickly.

In summary, project management software helps project management professionals with tracking progress, budgeting and scheduling. Complex public relations projects need the innovative and convenient solutions that project management software has to offer.

Dmitry Romantsov is a project manager from New York City.