Three tips: read, build, and network.

One red paper boat followed by two blue and two green paper boats

Two years ago when I was a student, I got introduced to Voice User Interfaces (VUIs). Designing a system with which you can interact using your voice got me excited. In a matter of days, I was controlling my bedroom lights using Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot. My…

There are more than 30,000 Alexa skills worldwide on the Alexa skill store. Yet, knowing what users can do with their Alexa is one of the biggest issues. Skill discovery remains an area of friction for user’s engagement with Alexa.

To come up with ideas to address this issue as…

Designing for errors [Part 2]

I have a TP-Link Kasa smart bulb which I control using Alexa Echo dot and Google Home mini. I have named my smart bulb Smarty. I played around with both Alexa and Google trying to switch on Smarty.

Me: Alexa! Turn on the lights.

Alexa: Sorry I didn’t find lights

Designing for errors [Part 1]

Humans misunderstand each other all the time. They misunderstand accent, misinterpret meaning and sometimes even enter a room forgetting what they were going to say. It is very common for all these things to happen but then why are users not forgiving when they encounter the same with a machine…


Passionate about designing Voice Interfaces. VUI Designer @Amazon. Portfolio:

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