Starting the Firehose Project — Week 1 + 2

About two months ago I pulled the trigger, chose a date, and made the decision to enter into the Firehose Project. Two weeks into the program and I couldn’t be happier with the choice. One thing that I’ve been putting off since Day 1 is starting my blog. Probably one of the simpler tasks to start doing in the Firehose Project, yet it is easily the one most outside of my comfort zone. That being said, it’s now or never time so here we go with a little about what brought me to Firehose and what I’m hoping to share with this blog.

Coming from a background in Information Technology and security services, opportunities to dabble in scripting constantly arose. Mostly though I stayed away from these projects and really had no interest in changing that. Then I got my yearly goals, one of which read something along the lines of, “Automate the analysis of information gathered through our security assessment tool.” After a few conversations with my manager, we decided that the best idea would be to build a web app. The app would allow us to upload the data into a database, automatically process the data with as many pre-built queries as our brains could think of, and render the results in the browser.

So I dove in, started to learn as much as I could about PHP and Laravel, and began to whip up a web-app. The short version of the next six months went a little like this: all I wanted to do was play with PHP / Laravel and learn whatever I could; work days where all I had to do was work on my project were awesome; and slowly the idea of switching careers into web development crept into my mind. After stumbling upon the concept of a bootcamp, specifically the Firehose Project, this idea started to seem more and more realistic. Then, after a few months of thinking, praying, and discussing it with my wife… well, you can probably guess what happened next (I joined the program :P).

So that’s a brief intro into how I ended up here, learning web development in what so far seems to be a really awesome program. So here’s where I put down on paper what I’d like to do on this blog so that I actually stick to it.

  1. Recaps of my past two weeks in the Firehose project, typically two or three highlights. Next up, weeks 3 + 4.
  2. A technical post about something web development related at least once every other month, preferably once a month.

So there you have it, my first ever blog post. Looking forward to sharing more of my experiences as I go through Firehose and step into this crazy world of web development.

Thanks for reading!