Status: Hodling Hands in decentralization.

You may find people knowledgeable on Cryptocurrencies tossing at each other what consensus algorithm is better, which ROI per node is the most profitable, whose blockchains’ characteristics are the ultimate ones.

While that is important, there is a value whose importance out stands among the others: Decentralization. And it is that so? Well, taking into account the several years and effort that have brought us humans up to here, an emerging momentum is taking place. A time for a change. A change that takes us all into account.

The ecosystem around Ethereum, the smart-contract based Blockchain, the booming milestone after Bitcoin, has certainly presented an augmented reality of what this change looks like. Inside of it, projects have managed to endure a collective philosophy for technology to be used not only by the community but for the community. Sharing, Equality, Freedom of speech, auto-sustainability, trust -among other terms- rise way above to become principles of an economy, governance and global linking the world qualifies as “more fair”.

Status is one of the main hodlers of this banner for change. It is a Dapp (Decentralized app) that creates a bridge for the Ethereum ecosystem and its integers to be embraced in all places around the globe. A shared one. A state for us which -illuminated by encryption, network architecture, immutability and transparency- will remain intact for the assurance of our rights and values.

The titanic yet achievable task of introducing the world to a new way of interacting while living purposefully is coming to a verge of realization. A symbiosis with the environment, with no place for corruption or abuse of power. For once and for all, code will serve global communities in ways never imagined. At of this at the reach of your palm.

That been said, let me introduce you to the vision I created trying to capture what Ethereum and Status have to offer.


The Bauhaus(“Building house”), an art movement created in Germany in the early 19s, “founded by with the idea of creating a “total” work of art (Gesamtkunstwerk) in which all arts, including architecture, would eventually be brought together.”1, “to reunite creativity and manufacturing” , and whose “basic pedagogical approach was to eliminate competitive tendencies and to foster individual creative potential and a sense of community and shared purpose.2-3.

It is really interesting to see how, although 100 years apart, we as human kind are still in the pursuit to this sharing. Interesting as having art not knowing about the existence of Blockchain, but the latter aware of the former.

This is how these two worlds meet: Through values. Baustatus.


The piece is mainly by Status as a real world community, compound by sentient beings that gravitate around values in a decentralized way. A paradox indeed, but true for sure. This texts are works that inspired this creation as well:

Announcing Embark by Status: Fostering the development of web3

Congratulations to all participants and winners of the writing competition!

We Are the State of Us

The Aragon Manifesto

INHUMANE: ETHBerlin’s culture & values

The elements in the piece are referencing the imagery of Status’ escence.

Let me explain the T-shirt separating the pieces though it fur sure works collectively.

The concept goes around the idea of “from the center (past and present) to the decentralized elements (future)”.

In the center, classic elements from the era prior to the internet, a cassette (music), a book (literature), a resistance electrical symbol (resistance and electricity), two hands holding (collaboration), a #2 pencil (creation) and the silhouette of a keyboard resembling also a building with multiple lights on . Both hands are holding a bridge towards Ethereum.

There is also a play of words for SharDing (Sharing) (What to know what Sharding is? Click here), and two “Inclusion” making jing-jang bridge that ends up with a Crypto Kittie, a icon of Crypto culture. The setting from the center is meant to be read either Build the Future, Build the inclusion, Build the sharing, Build the Trust and so on.

The decentralized elements from the circle also work as representations of a greater meaning.

The “{}” represent the Developers that make technically possible this ecosystems (they look like doves too :)== Peace).

Bellow, the Status logo orbiting next to a tree (which is inspired on the default avatars inside Status Dapp; eyes that are safe from censorship, actually as thou they were birds that communicate only covered by trees). This two connected trees are standing on a chat cloud, or a coma “;” (other developer reference). Next to these, there is a cellphone with some SNT tokens arriving to it. A hover-board starting right exactly at URE from “Future”: “U’RE” the future. Also, making a reference too to the pop culture “Back to the future”. Above the hover board, the three most known geometric figures; Bauhaus making the silhouette of an astronaut (another Crypto Culture ref.). Bellow it, there is an algorithm sheet, necessary to do dapp data-flow. On the left side, the blocks arriving with some “=” equal sign on them, representing equality.

Finally, the “TOGETHER” whose configuration is to play with the graphics as for it to be read TO ETHER, TOO ETHER GOT ETHER(Crypto). and TO GET HERE.

Together (the arm), Status logo (two hands holding).

There are emojis and smiley faces created by the play of the elements. You may find them too :D

This is my artwork creation for Status. It tells a story, a story you can be part of. Cheers!

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