From Obama to Trump: We Reap What We Sow
Brett Van Valkenburg

I love to hear an intellectually-honest argument from an Obama voter. For real. It’s so badly needed. Thanks for that.

Also, completely shocked how much we agree. Of course, I have my disagreements with some content in the article, but they’d be minor disagreements compared to the major points — so much so, they’re not even worth mentioning.

However, I am a tad befuddled how you could assess the situation so accurately and yet believe that Bernie Sanders might have been the cure. (Did I read this wrong?)

Know this, he was my second choice — but certainly not because I thought he wouldn’t make a further wreck of the economy… Nor do I see how anyone who understands capitalism and the benefits inherent in the system could believe that he’d do anything but snuff out an economy that’s already gasping for air under the heavy burden of regulation and government meddling.

The cure for that is for the clueless, never-had-a-real-job, government meddlers to take the boot off the neck of the creators, inventors, disruptors and dreamers who are the engine of the economy. Only then are they safe to risk and possibly be rewarded. This is the activity that actually GROWS, or expands, an economy. (The idea of a “growing” an economy by virtue of government jobs and hand-outs being a misnomer.)

Bernie Sanders, though a wonderful Molotov cocktail in the middle of the establishment (second only to the burning hot bottle called Donald Trump), could not have made the economy better by addressing the weaknesses he — very often accurately— sees in the economy, since his solution would be to further fiddle with the government levers and switches that have destroyed capitalism here to begin with.

Anyway, impressed with the observations and thankful for the honest assessment. While too many on the left are busy mindlessly rioting and protesting, it seems there’s a small contingent of millennials who still understand that truths exist and reason is possible, even if it leads one to uncomfortable conclusions.