still frightned by the bites and the bits

You said you heard my steps 
They echo allover the streets 
Isnt it funny?
I thought they were just inside my head,
Cause I’m all alone
with all i could have said
all i could have saved
all i should have done

My chest has the weight 
of a giant cage now
i know one day we will 
be laughing about this mess
i swear

how small are we all, right
and why can’t the people we are being now 
tell the people we oughtta be 
i should have taked it easiear
so then why wouldnt we all
have a reason to get along

I see your fast-foward love
will leave everything behind
So will I
the selfless love the selfish
that’s all i know about it 
cause that’s all they’re used to say
about getting in trouble, grinning
Cause I know I’m the one to blame

I don’t ever want us to fight again
but isn’t that the reason
why you are my friend?

I wanna get alone
but dearest, how could I 
I’m already in the middle of the desert
Underneath the sand I’m getting older
I remember I used to have
a place I to call home
And I thought no bad wolf
could ever blow us down

Well, I am still frightened by the bites
and the bits 
I left unsaid

july-15 / april-16

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