I’ve learned a lot in the last year. In April 2018 I coded a small project called “MentorCruise”. Since then, 130 mentors have registered, 400 mentorships were formed and 2,000 people signed up. Time to look back.

Our mentors are directed at people in Tech, so it has always been interesting to see why people are signing up for mentorship.

Our assumption has always been that mentees are going to be students — looking to start their career in Tech. But the reality is quite different.

  • Around 1/3 of people are simply looking to learn a new skill or have a mentor at hand.
  • About 20% of people are professionals, looking to change careers (more often than not, from sales/marketing to coding) with the help & network from a mentor
  • Only 20% of mentees are students or…

Since early last year, I’ve been running a global mentorship platform called MentorCruise. What started as a small experiment a year ago, has grown into a go-to source when it comes to tech mentorship, with over 120 available mentors that have actively helped over 300 people last year.

But why exactly did over 2,000 people sign up for the platform last year? What benefits does personal mentorship have over more traditional schooling, coaching or tutoring?

No pressure

A formal mentorship isn’t set up to show results on the first day. It’s all about persistence, keeping the motivation up, learning and improving.


Young university grads — or all new career starters for that purpose — often feel overwhelmed by the many options that there are after university. In Data Science specifically there are many different areas to get started in or focus on, which doesn’t make it easier. This is where a career mentor could help.

At MentorCruise, we’ve seen over 200 young students go through mentorships — many of which have been based in Data Science. Many of which have started a new career or even gotten promoted during their mentorship.

Data Science is special in the sense that it’s a…

There are many alternative ways to get into coding and software engineering. With MOOCs, Bootcamps, alternative universities and apprenticeships, going to university is just one option of many. But what about coding mentors? How can they help you reach your goals?

On MentorCruise, students can choose over 70+ mentors worldwide

What exactly is a coding mentor?

A mentor is a person in your life that is creating the needed amount of support and accountability to help you reach any goal that you want.

For coding mentors specifically, this might either mean that you want to pick up a new programming language, a new skillset or you possibly want to advance your career.

Other than a…

With remote work getting more and more popular amongst employees, it is time for employers to overthink their hiring strategies to allow more remote workers throughout the world to get hired. But why should companies care?

This article has first been published on RemoteML.com.

A nearly unlimited talent pool

Why would you limit your choices to the ~200,000 engineers (estimated 2013) in San Francisco, if you could have instant access to over 3.2 million software engineers in the US or over 18.2 million worldwide?

While you will have to invest more time in recruiting, you will be able to cherry pick only the candidates that…

At RemoteML we celebrate Remote Work and all its advantages. Working remotely is proven to enhance your happiness and productivity, but it’s not all just good. These are some of the difficulties of Remote Machine Learning Work.

This story has first appeared on RemoteML.com.

Company Culture & Loneliness

Office workers know it: Coming to the office is not just always about work. In a healthy environment, a good team forms a company culture. Inside jokes, the chat about your weekend and friendships mostly form in the break room.

When you are working remotely, you don’t have a break room to attend and no seating…

Even though every Machine Learning Engineer has a slightly different set of tools that they use, in it’s core, they are still similar: A scripting language, a ML/DL framework, maybe some data preparation tools. But when it comes to working as a Machine Learning Engineer — especially working remotely — you might want to add some things to stand out.

This story originally appeared on RemoteML.com.

Getting your hands dirty in production

In some companies, Machine Learning models are not only something to analyze data or play around with — they actively get deployed in the web, on mobile phones or embedded devices.

Any skill that…

Machine Learning opportunities can be sparse, so when you finally get invited for that long-awaited Machine Learning Interview, you want it to go perfectly. Let me show you how.

This story originally appeared on RemoteML.com.

Finding opportunities

There is no go-to source for Machine Learning Jobs and many are distributed amongst general job boards, which include:

Arguably, writing your application and structuring your CV is a whole other post, so we’ll leave this out for now. …

Remote work is offered by a large part of software companies nowadays. However, this has mostly left out machine learning positions: Most are still office-bound. So, what is the best way to get into Remote Machine Learning?

This content piece was first released on RemoteML — the global community for Remote Machine Learning.

Why is ML different?

What makes Machine Learning different from other engineering positions which usually offer remote work? Well, the biggest Machine Learning employers are usually big tech companies who are building big office campuses and rarely offer remote work.

Startups — who often like to offer remote work — usually…

The premise of Digital Nomadism is great: As a coder, you can take your slim MacBook to a beach in Bali and just work from there. But what if you are working in Machine Learning and your work requires expensive and powerful GPUs? A few options.

There are a variety of options on how to handle the hardware when working remote — or even travelling around. Each of them has their own pros and cons, so I want to go through them.


The most obvious choice — just like in non-remote workplaces, have a beefy and powerful tower next to…

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