I’m tired of having to look at comments in which some guy argues that she’s insulting real victims…
Ariel Garlow

Remember the article “Should killing a female gamer online be considered rape?”? It actually led females to DOX male gamers who killed them in games like Black Ops and then sue the guy for “rape”. It is ridicules. I’ve been assaulted (as a man) in my dorm, and I have also played VR games such as this. They look and feel completely different. This is NOT sexual assault. Sure you can say it is misconduct and the guy should be reported through Steam, but it is not in any way assault. Have you ever been sexually assaulted? Do you know the difference? People like you make me sick. Condemning all men because you think that this is assault. So when I play GTA V online am I just constantly being assaulted by people?

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