This is my story.

I became a product manager 8 months ago in a quite a big company. One thing I found different from running a small startup or doing some project on my own is that the products I need to work on are not the ones I can easily empathize with. In other words I’m not the user of those products. That means it’s hard to know whats nice, whats not, whats annoying and on what we should focus next.

So my idea now is to become the user of those products!

Use what you build!

This approach will give me a different set of eyes :) Ones that have different needs than a Product Manager.

This is the view from the place i’m sitting.

These are the products I’m working on:

  1. Groups
  2. Forum
  3. Rich content editor

This whole text is just me trying to get familiar with Medium rich text editor.

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