A personal budgeting story.

Halfdollar Transactions GIF

Becoming an Adult

Let me first recognize that the ability to have positive leftover amounts at the end of a month is a privilege, and I’m thankful for the moments I’ve had a job, and haven’t, for all the things I’ve learned that has helped me manage my finances.

Building a Product

Initial Sketches for Halfdollar
The Original Halfdollar Product
Product Hunt Home Page on Launch Day
Typeform Survey Results
Halfdollar Article on Typeform Blog

Growing into a Startup

Halfdollar 2.0 Option Sketch
Halfdollar 1.5 DashboardPage
Halfdollar 1.5 In Page
Halfdollar 1.5 Settings Page
Halfdollar 1.5 Home Page
Dark & Light Modes for Future Design


Despite all of this, I still needed a way to manage my money.

Halfdollar 2.0 Website
Halfdollar Budget Template Instructional Page
Halfdollar Budget Template Example Month Page

Building for the Future

Potential Future Web Iteration of Halfdollar



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