The Life I Did or Didn’t Sign Up For

“Survey shows just 7% of people read the full terms when buying a product or service online, while a fifth say they have suffered from not doing so”

Remember your excitement when Twitter came out, and you couldn’t wait to sign up, until the terms of services came to ruin the moment. Question, did you read all of the terms of services before clicking “I Agree” in the span of 5 seconds? In reality, less than average read what they’re entitled to, and not informing ourselves can lead to some unpleasant surprises.

Let’s take a look at a very popular web’s terms and services, such as Twitter. If we compare Twitter from 2009 to now, we see numerous differences and changes from not only its web look, but also within their ToS and the privacy of their users.

As we go through it together, we will see terms that we didn’t pay attention to, since has been added. However, don’t get me wrong — twitter is an amazing website, but what did you sign up to?

  1. Your License To Use the Services

In 2009, Twitter established their ToS and ever since have been using it as a skeleton, therefore adding relatable and relevant information that we’re entitled to follow, which helps to improve their network and its society today. If we pay closely attention, “Your License To Use The Services” is a term that has been added their recent ToS, which wasn’t applicable in 2009.

This license isn’t like every other type of license, such as a driver’s license, it allows us to use their servicesbut rather for the “sole purpose of enabling you to use and enjoy the benefit of the Services as provided by Twitter, in the manner permitted by these Terms.”

In other words, the license enables you to interact, learn, and enjoy twitter and its services by respectively following the rest of the terms we’re entitled to follow. It’s basically a law within the social realm of Twitter, that we aren’t allowed to break.

PS: This license is what allows twitter to make your tweets be seen by others — and in some cases, to the rest of the world (Be careful what you tweet!).

2. Ending These Terms

At some point, many people including myself, may have had decided to leave Twitter, which wasn’t initially apart of their ToS in 2009, but now is a part of the 12 terms.

“You may end your legal agreement with Twitter at any time for any or no reason by deactivating your accounts and discontinuing your use of the Services.”

You would think, “If I signed up for something, I can easily get myself out” but that wasn’t the case earlier on in the Twitter days. When Twitter first started you couldn’t deactivate your account, since the option wasn’t yet developed, but now that there is there’s a sense of relief (for me at least, at a point in time).

Nevertheless, they’ve also stated that one may have their access revoked from the website if they fail to oblige to the terms by violating it of any kind. So again, be careful what you tweet!

3. There’s Always Room For Improvement

Social media constantly upgrades their network to improve service quality, which sometimes leaves us breathless like this:

However, as much as Twitter has improved, it still has room for further enhancement within its legal terms and policies, such as their privacy policy that’s specifically in regards to children.

Although in its policy it states that children under 13 may not in create and join Twitter or account will be terminated, yet many young children still have access to it. As a result could put them in a position to be susceptible to cyber bullying, or any kind of inappropriate behaviour, such as stalking, especially due to the fact that most children don’t know what they’re agreeing to in comparison to adults.

Now, let’s challenge ourselves to be aware of what we’re agreeing to, because it may or may not be the life you’ve signed up for — Be careful what you wish for, ’cause you just might get it! (or be careful what you tweet, ’cause you just might get fired!)

Have a great week