A Social Curation Market

Dmunity — a Social Curation Market

We are officially Beta-testing Dmunity, a Social Curation Market launching on Ethereum.

Read more about Curation Markets here.

What is Dmunity?

Dmunity is a platform that allows people to earn crypto by curating quality content for the community. The platform is similar to a forum, but with tokens to incentivize good behaviour.

How do I earn Tokens?

You can earn tokens in three ways: Posting content, curating content or by simply holding on to your tokens.

Posting Content

Posting relevant content to the community. The amount of tokens earned from the post is based on the Voting System — from the number of upvotes the post receives. The higher the upvotes, the higher the reward.

Curating Content

Curating other users’ posts. This is done by either upvoting or downvoting a post. You are rewarded more tokens for curating newer posts. If you are first to upvote a post that ends up being the most upvoted of all time — you will earn the most. Curators also get rewarded for downvoting spam and ads.


Holding on to your tokens. You will receive tokens as dividends for being economically active in the community.

Where do tokens come from?

Every day, new tokens are minted to a Rewards Fund and distributed to all active posters, curators and holders. A more in-depth article about the rewards distribution is coming soon.

What can I do with tokens?

The tokens you hold represent your reputation within the community.

1 token = 1 vote

The more tokens you hold, the more influence you have. Ultimately tokens serve to determine the reward allocated per post and the post’s rank/visibility on the website.

Our Vision

Current social media platforms use your content to make huge profits by delivering ads. The work you put into curating content goes directly to increase their bottom lines.

We believe the community should be rewarded instead.

Our goal is to tokenize social media and shift the power and ownership of content to the community.

Every post is curated by the community and they get rewarded doing so.

Ultimately, we’re creating a better place to read about news, opinions, general discussions in which the community holds the power.

Plasma launch

Our current Beta launch is an early Proof of Concept of the platform where all transactions are processed off-chain. Our primary goal for this early Beta version is to provide the best user experience for this new social economy experiment.

We are excited for our first official release which will be directly on a Plasma Chain. You will be able to redeem your Beta tokens for Main net tokens on release. At the current state of on-going Plasma research, our closest estimation for this release is Q1 of 2019. More updates coming soon.

Test out our platform today

We are in Beta and we would love you all to try it out and help us grow this community together. To do this we are giving out a limited amount of free Beta tokens (off-chain) to reward our first users!

Have questions? Contact us at hello@dmunity.com

Social media for a decentralized community.

Social media for a decentralized community.