Affect Conf is a 2-day conference examining the work, culture, and design of social change.

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Affect Conf. What a fantastic experience, with such incredible speakers and attendees! While I was only able to attend the first half of this conference, I know I’ve gained a bunch of great insight and a ton of new thinkers and doers to follow.

Organizing costs money, and so does admission. Although Affect Conf provided scholarships (yay!), there are still plenty of folks who couldn’t make it — or simply didn’t know about it in time.

Illustration: Diane Murray

Want a secure system without dealing with a third-party password manager? Give this self-generated password method a go!

“Password123.” “ilovecats.” “matthew92.” There are a lot of bad passwords out there. There are a lot of good ones, too; maybe you use one!

But with data breaches like Heartbleed, and more recently, Cloudbleed, it’s not just a question of whether someone will figure out your password — it’s a question of when.

If, like most folks, you use the internet for banking, private sharing, and storing sensitive information, you owe it to yourself to review your approach to password security. If…

Ever heard of a zero-sum game? It’s where one person wins and the other person loses. One person’s gain is another’s loss.

That’s what our political climate looks like right now. It’s not pretty.

“I just want everyone to be treated equally.” — regardless of where you are on the political spectrum or the national conversation on race, you probably agree with this sentiment. Where we start bickering is on what that equality looks like. Some say reparations are in order for black folks in America, and others say that’s unfair.

Let’s try and set aside zero-sum games for a…

Diane Murray

Resources for a better world. My jams: disability, gender. LGBTQ, tech, & inclusion. Find more of my work at and!

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