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With the existence of the glorious tool ShareX, I wouldn’t recommend anything else.

ShareX is open source with so many features you possible could store in little 4.6MB program from screen capture of all type (and scrolling, webpage, auto capture, etc) to video capture of your choice (.mp4, .webm (I set .webm to upload to Gfycat), etc), and GIF recording.

When you decide to make a screenshot, while you’re at it, on same time, you can highlight, pixelate, blur, draw, put arrow, speech balloon, steps (1, 2, 3, 4) and do various tools available on a small unobtrusive toolbar. All of the doodles here.

Before upload stage various automatic tasks can be executed such as add image effects/watermark, open image editor, print, copy, save image, perform action, copy file path, and delete file locally.

On upload stage you can upload a file, folder, from a clipboard, from URL, drag and drop, from context shell menu, send to menu, and watch folder. You can upload to many different hosting destinations including your own FTP.

Finally, after upload stage you can shorten URL, share URL, copy to clipboard URL, open URL and QR code the URL. It saves the uploaded file to your selected destination, deletion or configured tasks. You can open your screenshots folder or look at history with filter tools to find the screenshot you were looking for.

That’s not all, there’s also more tools like color picker (I have automatic color picker that copy to HEX on keyboard shortcut), hash check, DNS changer, QR code reader, video thumbnailer, FTP client, tweet a message, monitor tester and few other tools.

There is so much of configurations and settings you can set up to your liking, as well hotkey settings to do any possible tasks ShareX offers from your chosen task, pre-upload, on upload and after upload. Basically you can do all different stuff with different hotkeys or just select them in the program.

If you want a preview, here’s various screenshots on imgur album.

After all of these features open sourced ShareX offer… I’m just wondering anyone who knew about this software would consider Greenshot?

I’m a little sad that this program isn’t popular as it should be. It has been very useful for me in design and development workflow. It has been actively developed, for free, open source, for over a decade by single guy from Turkey who doesn’t ask for any money. All he did is put the donate link on top and that’s it. He already got it Greenlit on Steam and he decided to make it free and gave no donation option. He, Jaex, is really a humble person.

Thank you, Jaex, for spending more than a decade of your life developing this software, ShareX, and continue to do so.

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