Controlling gRPC JSON gateway cookies

Derek Young
Nov 6, 2018 · 5 min read

Controlling the response with gRPC metadata

SignIn — Session creation

func SetUserIDInContext(ctx context.Context, userID int) {  // create a header that the gateway will watch for  header := metadata.Pairs("gateway-session-userId", strconv.Itoa(userID))  // send the header back to the gateway  grpc.SendHeader(ctx, header)}
md, ok := runtime.ServerMetadataFromContext(ctx)if !ok {  return fmt.Errorf("Failed to extract ServerMetadata from context")}// did the gRPC method set a user ID in the metadata?userID, err := getUserIDFromServerMetadata(md)if err != nil {  return err}if userID != 0 {  rlog.Debugf("gRPC call set userId to %d", userID)  // pull the request from context (set in middleware above)  request := getRequestFromContext(ctx)  // create or get the session  session, err := sessionStore.New(request, defaultSessionID)  if err != nil {    rlog.Error(err, "couldn't create a session")    return err  }  session.Options.MaxAge = sessionLength  session.Options.Path = "/"
// create a session for the user. This session is converted by gorilla // into a session cookie userIDSession := &Session{ UserID: userID, } // put the userId into session session.Values["userId"] = userIDSession // save the session, creating a cookie from it if err := sessionStore.Save(request, response, session); err != nil { rlog.Error(err, "couldn't save the session as a cookie") return err }}
func (middleware *gatewayMiddleware) Middleware(next http.Handler) http.Handler {  return http.HandlerFunc(func(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {    ctx := r.Context()    if ctx == nil {      ctx = context.Background()    }    ctx = context.WithValue(ctx, requestContextKey, r)    next.ServeHTTP(w, r.WithContext(ctx))  })}

SignOut — Session removal

Passing the user ID to gRPC calls

// look up session and pass userId in to context if it existsfunc gatewayMetadataAnnotator(_ context.Context, r *http.Request) metadata.MD {  session, err := sessionStore.Get(r, defaultSessionID)  if err != nil {    // no session, or invalid session, so pass along no extra metadata    return metadata.Pairs()  }  if userIDSessionValue, ok := session.Values["userId"]; ok {    // convert back to a Session    userIDSession := userIDSessionValue.(*Session)    userID := userIDSession.UserID    // set user ID from session in the gRPC metadata    return metadata.Pairs("userId", strconv.Itoa(userID))  }  // otherwise pass no extra metadata along  return metadata.Pairs()}

Demo source code

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