The Power of Email

As a heavy user of Evernote and BlackBerry, I love emails. Email is a power. First of all, every BlackBerry has a great built-in email client. I need no other device to work with it. When at computer, I can use BlackBerry Blend to get instant and secure access to all stuff on mobile including emails. That’s almost ideal. So, I’d like to share two my favorite efficient but simple use cases with you.

My Workflow is based on email

As an employee, I often get tasks in emails, almost all important information comes via email. To keep all received docs and tasks, I just forward email to my Evernote adding «@notebook» (and «!date» if necessary). So, I always can find every single document in my Evernote account. Also, I use Remember The Milk as a task manager. It is linked with Evernote as well. Every time I forward email to Evernote with «!date» in the subject line, Evernote adds notification to this note. As a result, it appears in my RTM todo list with the right date.

Implementing Read It Later service

Sometimes I find an articles in the Web, which might be useful in the future, or which I’d like to read further. Many people use Pocket, ReadItLater services, but I just send URL of the article to uKeeper, which is set up to resend the contents to my Evernote email address (see Forwarding e-mail field in uKeeper). I can send URL via email using Share button on my BlackBerry, and using uKeeper button in the browser on my computer. Just 1 or 3 clicks, and the article is in my default notebook.

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