We’ll build a back end app starter using TypeScript, compile it to JavaScript(ES2019), and deploy it to Heroku.

We will use:

  • Node.js 12
  • Express: Web framework for Node.js

Source code: d-dmytro/my-typescript-app

Let’s create a folder for our project:

mkdir my-typescript-app
cd my-typescript-app

Run npm init to create the package.json file in this folder. I’ve chosen defaults for the options.

Let’s install TypeScript and the types for Node.js as dev dependencies.

npm i -D typescript @types/node@12

I installed the types for Node.js 12 because that’s the version I’m using in this project. …


Dmytro Danylov

Hi! I’m a JavaScript developer. I like programming, building web apps, and sharing my knowledge.

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