Hello World

You always have to start with something.

I’ve got a lot of things to say, some of them are worth hearing, some aren’t.
And I’m very lucky young man. Or the very young lucky man? Whatever, I’m cool.

Why am I blogging?

It seems to be funny, huh?

I do like practecieng my Englich alco. ‘cuz sometimes life forces me to calm down with that.

One of the ways of sharing my thoughts. No one is reading this one so no one cares %)

And I suck at blogging. Just want this part to change, but the real progress comes only with practice. Seems legit, right?

Medium is new black, it’s really great, but mainstream. However, I can turn this mainstream to help me out in connecting with interesting people.

What you can find here:
1. obviously some tech stuff about .NET, FP, Microsoft, Cloud et cetera.
2. lifestyle things, thoughts about life in different countries, comparing to my experience in Ukraine especially.
3. Kittens!

So I’m only 18 and I’m only getting better. Medium is just one of the ways of doing so. Have a nice read!

Originally published at d1mnewz.github.io.