Miggi Implements New Policy Request 3-5 Digit Account
Illustration of creating a miggi account
Miggi has updated the rules for creating short id aliases.

The rule is in the form of making short ids, cannot use dot (.), underscore (_) and stripe (-) characters in the prefix and suffix of the id.

These characters can still be used in the middle of aliases between letters.

For example: g.g; o_k; y-s and so on.

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Administrator Miggi, g.a.v.a said the rules were made starting in June 2021.

"The id suffix _ can no longer be made. The last one can be in June 2021," he said.

Then how to make the correct short id?

Short IDs can be requested or requested when the user has reached level 25 and multiples thereof.

For example, levels 25, 50, 75, 100 and so on.

After reaching that level, the user can ask CS (Custromer Service) Miggi to create a short id.

How to know the short id has been used or not?

Users can use the /whois command (desired id) in the active room.

This method cannot be done in the private chat and group chat fields.

After getting the name of the desired candidate id, please contact the online CS to register a short id.

For information, short id requests are not served on Sundays.

In addition, the duration of the short ID creation process is 2-3 days, and the longest is 5 days.

New Policy

Users who create a short id must attach a screenshot of the 5 star rating of the Miggi application on the Playstore.

"The attachment of this 5-star screenshot in the playstore is an encouragement for Miggi to develop, create."

"If you continue to get a high rating, I'm sure Miggi will also be enthusiastic again to continue to grow," he said.



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