Genetics (study of heredity) and Genomics (study of the entirety of an organism’s genes) are fascinating and complicated subjects. However, as more and more people are getting sequenced, terms such as DNA, genetics and genomics are becoming household names. The technologies and related data are becoming important for precision medicine and drug development. The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the importance of next-generation sequencing in science and medicine. Therefore, we need a clear grasp of the related terms and the science and technology behind them. The historical and political contexts are also important to understand. …

Cold case and DNA

From BBC (24th July 2021).
Las Vegas law enforcement has solved a 1989 murder case using the smallest amount of DNA (just 15 human cells). The investigators worked with a company called OTHRAM that specialises in “recovery, enrichment, and analysis of human DNA from trace quantities of degraded or contaminated forensic evidence”.

By Abizar at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The Use of DNA for such forensic investigations is not new. The “Golden State killer” is the most well known such case. There are interesting ethical and privacy issues here. This review article by Sara H. Katsanis provides a nice overview of these concerns.

More on privacy and genetic genealogy search

A recent preprint from…

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Our vision rests on a fundamental principle. We are here to help you to preserve the privacy of your data while also obtaining the benefits of computational analysis. Our solutions use emerging research on Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) such as Homomorphic encryption (HE), secure multi-party computation (SMPC), and differential privacy (DP). …

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