At DNAsafe, we are working on privacy enhancing (PET) and privacy preserving solutions for genomics data (in particular dealing with polygenic risk scores, pharmacogenomics, and EHR integration with privacy in mind). We are also excited to see new developments in the privacy tech world. These are indications that the world and the market are ready to embrace innovations around privacy tech and privacy first designs.

Below are a few noteworthy companies to check out:

  1. We are really excited to see Duality Technologies raising $30M
  2. Check out Neeva if you haven’t — the only ad-free,
    private search engine.
  3. Skiff — privacy-first collaboration platform.
  4. DocSend — Securely share your documents with real-time control and insights.
  5. Plausible — Simple and privacy-friendly Google Analytics alternative.
  6. OhMySMTP — Privacy-focused Fast & Reliable Transactional Email.
  7. — A privacy preserving news recommendation app.

Enjoy the links.



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