The WPI is the foundational basis of building a transcendent society. Am I clear exactly what the WPI looks like, consists of and is calculated? No. Am I clear on how a society could function with a WPI as the central tenet of that society? Yes.
That’s a great question, and the short answer is no, but I need to explain where and how this…
Michael Haupt

Are you concerned at all about measuring the WPI and making it explicit? There are some people who will feel it’s impossible to measure something like the WPI, and trying to do so is a really, really bad idea for two reasons. First, it will oversimplify what it means to be a whole person, leading us astray. Second, it will create extrinsic motivation, which will suppress our intrinsic motivation, to constantly raise our WPI—in a kind of gamification effect.

While I feel both of those concerns are real dangers, I also think it’s helpful trying to measure something like the WPI. It helps us raise our subconscious mental model for what it means to be a whole person to the conscious level, where we can then test it, reflect on it, and revise it. Curious to know where you land on this question.